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Improvements to TheAudioDB Music Video Scraper

Improvements to TheAudioDB Music Video Scraper

Recently, over at the Kodi forums some members got together and started to dicuss some improvements to the Kodi Music Video Scraper. The scraper itself was removed from the official Kodi Repository some time ago due to the strain it was puttting on the web server by people who really didn’t know what they are doing. But the forum thread has had a fixed version for a while that more knowledgable users have been using. They have also worked on some improvements that are currently in testing:
One of the big problems with the current scraper is it cannot recognize music videos with aprostophe’s in even though the source site (TADB) can handle them fine. That rules out scraping artists such as Shy’m or Des’ree where no music video data or artwork will be found. Luckily someone knowledgable in REGEX managed to modify the current scraper code to make these artists start working.

Backend Database
A user on the official forum thread also pointed out a few music videos seemed to fail to scrape for no apparent reason. On looking at the backend database code we found a small bug from a few years ago which was effecting a number of popular Music Videos. This bug has now been fixed and tracks such as Aerosmith – Crazy now work again.

Estuary skin Aspect Ratio
Ever since the new default skin for Estuary has been released, music videos have been squashed into 16:9 aspect ratio. This is fine for anyone one just wants to play music videos, but the scrapers typically download the square format album covers, which are then cut off. To fix this another user posted a PR to the Kodi mainline to fix the aspect ratio. Sadly this has not been accepted yet (I suspect because the developers do not use Music Videos regularly). If you want to see the code(its a simple change) or comment on the PR you can go to the Github link here.

Overall music videos should scrape much more effectively after these changes. Yet again, great work from the Kodi community. You can download the latest Music Video Scraper from uRepo here



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Mar 21, 2017 AT 21:28:49

The new version of the TADB Music Video scraper has been uploaded to this site. You saw it here first!

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