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Translators Needed

Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:11 pm

Hi All,

There now appears to be quite a few users with accounts on the forum and I'm hoping that I can encourage some of the bilingual users to help with the translation of the addons on URepo.

I have several addons myself:

And lots of them have "partial" language support - due to my own limited language ability, I can only provide English for the addons. If you happen to use one of these addons (or even if you don't I guess) it would be helpful (and possibly a nicer experience for you and your fellow country men & women) if you were able to help translate some of the text in the addon.

Some simple steps to performing a translation. Firstly save the addon in zip form from the addon page (use the Download button) and extract it, the language files are all stored under "resources/language"

New Language

If there is no directory for your language, then take a copy of the English version and update the copy you have made. Each line that needs a translation looks as follows:

Code: Select all

msgctxt "#32004"
msgid "Enable debug logging"
msgstr ""

The change to make is to add the value for "msgstr" in the approriate language - leaving the English line as it is.

Update Existing Language

This can be a little trickier as you need to know any new entries added, easiest way is to get a diff tool (like winmerge) and compare the english file to the file for your language and add/update the missing entries (as with a new language)

Sharing Your Work

Once you have you nice new shiny language file then you can either post a link to it on the Addons Forum support page, or PM the author with the file.

For all my addons - I'm planing to remove some of the language translations that don't have many of the text translated to perform a bit of a tidyup. Obviously as I'm always using the English version, this isn't something I directly gain from, but thought it might be a nice idea :)


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