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Sleep Support Thread

Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:20 pm


The Sleep addon behaves like a standard TVs sleep timer where you can vary the length of time before Kodi will shut down. It is designed to be mapped to a button on your remote control (Configurable in the settings) so you can launch, add time and view the current setting by the use of a single button.

Current Features Include:
  • Setting the timer to allow shutdown after a set time
  • Extend existing set timers (Additions configurable)
  • Cancel existing timer
  • Countdown before shutting down, with the option to cancel or extend
  • Set the timer to shut down after a video finished (Note: This is the video finishing on it's own, not being stopped)
  • Sleep can run as a screensaver - so after a set time of inactivity it will present the shutdown dialog
  • Notification reminders for how much time remains
  • Ability to assign any button to control the Sleep Timer
  • Ability to Dim the screen while the timer is set (Night Time Mode!)

You can launch the Sleep Configuration window in the following ways:
  • From the "Programs" area of Kodi
  • Via a remote control or keyboard button (Configurable which button)
  • As a screensaver

Please take a look at the wiki for more information:


You can install this addon from: URepo


If you have found the Sleep Addon useful and would like to help support future development and bug fixes, then please feel free to make a small donation.


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