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TvTunes Screensaver Support Thread

Sat Dec 17, 2016 7:32 pm


The TvTunes screensaver is a screensaver that will allow you to:
  • View artwork for TV Shows and Movies
  • Play TV or Movie themes while showing artwork
  • Show a set of different images in various display formats

There are several different display options and playing the theme at the same time is optional.

Although the name does hint at TvTunes integration - that is only part of it's behaviour. By selecting "Image Source: Folder" in the settings, you can use it for just images.

History: This addon was once part of the official TvTunes addon, but was split out into it's own addon to allow more user control.

More details, and how to use the addon can be viewed on the wiki:


You can install this addon from: URepo


If you have found TvTunes Screensaver useful and would like to help support future development and bug fixes, then please feel free to make a small donation.


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